Processeur AMD

CPU Intel


Storage SSD

IP address

1 IP


/64 IPv6

Processeur AMD

IPMI access

Add-on Price Setup
+5 IP /29 15 eur/mo 5 eur
+13 IP /28 39 eur/mo 5 eur
+29 IP /27 89 eur/mo 5 eur
1Gbps dedicated & unmetered dedicated port 299 eur/mo -
3Gbps dedicated & unmetered dedicated port 799 eur/mo -
5Gbps dedicated & unmetered dedicated port 999 eur/mo -
10Gbps dedicated & unmetered dedicated port 1899 eur/mo -
+1 IP /32 5 eur/mo 5 eur
Windows server 2019 standard 2019 standard edition 34.99 eur/mo -
5TB extra ASIA BW 50 eur/mo -
10TB extra ASIA BW 80 eur/mo -
50TB extra ASIA BW 350 eur/mo -
100TB extra ASIA BW 650 eur/mo -

Frequently asked questions

What is a dedicated server ?

A dedicated server is a physical computer that allows you to host your data, software, games or any other web services without interruption of service. The server can be administered remotely using various protocols and is dedicated to a single client.

What operating systems are available ?

We provide the main operating systems: Debian, Ubuntu, centOS, Windows Server.

How to get extra IPs ?

We provide add-on modules depending location, additional IP address, but not only! Add firewall, software license, additional bandwidth... a modular service to best meet your needs!

Why choose an SSD over a traditional hard drive ?

An SSD (Solid State Drive) is much faster than a conventional hard drive, it is also more reliable. Reduced access times, higher throughput, the SSD is much more powerful. But for even more speed, we also provide NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express).

Is it full dedicated bandwidth ?

The bandwidth is shared, the server can reach this connection speed but shares it with other servers. If you need more, a dedicated bandwidth can be added.

How to get my money back ?

As long as the service has not been delivered, you can request a refund. Once the process has started, this is no longer possible.

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