Privacy Policy Last update : 2019-09-02


This Privacy Policy governs the collection and processing of the Clients' data by the aperçu company, entreprise individuelle (sole proprietorship), with registered office at 9 Rue Madame Lafayette 76600 LE HAVRE, registered to the Trade and Companies Register of Le Havre under the number 508462876, represented by Mr. Quentin Lavisse, duly empowered for the purpose of this Privacy Policy (hereinafter ""). may collect Personal Data in the context of the provision of the Services, processing of Orders and Subscriptions.

Privacy of the Personal Data is of paramount importance for, which implemented rigorous rules and procedures to protect them. The Client shall carefully read this Privacy Policy related to the use of Personal Data.

The Client fully agrees that the published and collected Personal Data will be subject to automated processing.


Within this Privacy Policy, the following definitions will apply to all words starting with a capital letter, whether singular or plural:

  • "Account": the Client's account on the Website allowing him/her to access the Services.
  • "Client": any person, natural or legal, under private or public law, registered on the Website.
  • "Data": content of any nature hosted by, in the context of the Services offered to the Client.
  • "Dedicated Server": physical independent server.
  • "": Aperçu (supervisor: Quentin LAVISSE) as publisher of the Website.
  • "Domain Name": Internet domain ID, in the context of the DNS system, providing access to the IP address of a website and a way to hide it.
  • "Hosting": hosting services for a website, data base or file offered by
  • "Internet User": any person, natural or legal, under private or public law, connecting to the Website.
  • "Order": order of a Service subject to a one-off payment.
  • "Personal Data": any personal data used to directly or indirectly identify a person.
  • "Privacy Policy": this document.
  • "Service": service offered by on the Website which may include renting of a Dedicated Server or Virtual Dedicated Server, Hosting, or access to the management interface.
  • "Subscription": subscription to a Service subject to a recurring payment.
  • "Virtual Dedicated Server": division of a physical server into an independent server with the features of a dedicated server.
  • "Website": website accessible via the URL, as well as related sub-websites, mirror websites, portals and URL variations.


This Privacy Policy governs the collection, processing and disclosure of Personal Data by as part of the Clients’ use of the Website and the Services and the processing of their Orders and Subscriptions. It also details the methods for all persons concerned by Personal Data to exercise their rights.

The Client shall read the entire Privacy Policy and agree without any reservation.

This acceptance shall be expressed by clicking on the checkbox containing the sentence to accept the Privacy Policy at the moment of registration on the Website, being for example "I read and accepted the Privacy Policy".

The fact of having clicked on the above-mentioned checkbox will be deemed to have the same force as a handwritten signature. reserves the right to amend at any time the Privacy Policy by publishing a new version on its Website, informing the Client by email or through a notification appearing on the next connection to the Website.

If the Client does not accept the amended Privacy Policy, he/she may exercise his/her right to refuse and delete his/her Account. Before deleting his/her Account, the Client may retrieve his/her Data.

The applicable Privacy Policy is the last one the Client accepted.

The Website of may contain links to a third party website. This third party website may apply a different privacy policy regarding which shall not be held liable.

4 - HOW ARE THE DATA COLLECTED may collect the Client's Personal Data in a variety of ways:

  • When filing a form within the Website (creation and edition of an Account, provision of information for the processing of an Order or a Subscription)
  • When registering to the Website;
  • When registering to the newsletter of;
  • When a Client makes an Order or a Subscription on the Website;
  • When payments are processed by and its payment service provider;
  • In the case of any contact with related to an issue when using the Website or during an Order or Subscription;
  • When simply visiting the Website;
  • When a Data is published by the Client within the Services, if this Data contains Personal Data;
  • In the case of any contact with

5 - WHICH PERSONAL DATA ARE COLLECTED AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE collects and processes Personal Data for the performance of its contractual obligations regarding the Client.

However, the Client may refuse to provide some of these Personal Data on his/her Account, provided that it may have an impact on the provision of Services. may collect and process the following Personal Data, when provided, some of which being mandatory:

  • Contact details and Client information (last and first name, email address, phone number, address)

These contact details and information are necessary to manage the Orders and Subscriptions, to register the Domain Names and to comply with the law. They are mandatory.

With prior authorisation of the Client, this information may also be used for marketing purposes by

  • Information regarding connection to the Website (IP address, type of browser, operating system, place and hour of connection, terminal username);

This information allows to improve and maintain the Services, and to have usage statistics of the Website at its disposal. shall also provide its information to its banking partners regarding fight against fraud.

  • Banking and payment information of the Client;

This information is necessary to the processing of Orders and Subscriptions. It is mandatory.

  • Detail on the use of the Website, especially via cookies (amount of data received, pages seen, actions carried out)

This information allows to improve and maintain the Services, and to have usage statistics of the Website at its disposal.

These Personal Data are necessary to to ensure the proper performance of its contractual obligations.

  • Data published by the Client, including a Personal Data.

These Data are not consulted by and no processing other than the one strictly limited to the provision of the Service is carried out on the Data. The Client is the controller and is sub-contractor.


All transactions carried out by a payment service provider that comply with obligations applying to this activity. will not possess the payment information since they only pass through the payment service provider of

The payment service provider of is: CentralPay for bank cards, Coinbase for crypto-currency and GoCardless for direct debit payment.

The Terms and Conditions of the payment service provider are accessible via the following address:

7 - COOKIES may use the following cookies on the Website:

  • Internal cookies that have the following functions:
    • To create attendance statistics (number of visits, pages seen, drop-outs throughout the ordering process) in order to follow and improve the quality of the Website and its services. It is possible to choose not to install them since they are not mandatory to ensure proper functioning of the Website.
    • To adapt the layout of the Website to the terminal display preferences of the Client. It is possible to choose not to install them since they are not mandatory to ensure proper functioning of the Website.
    • To memorise information filed in the forms, to manage and secure the access to reserved and personal areas such as the Account, to manage Orders and Subscriptions.
    • To provide contents, including advertising, related to the interests of the Client and to customise the offers that are sent. It is possible to choose not to install them since they are not mandatory to ensure proper functioning of the Website.
    • To send offers by email upon registration of the Client. It is possible to choose not to install them since they are not mandatory to ensure proper functioning of the Website.
  • Third party cookies that have the following functions:
    • Google Analytics (, The purpose of these cookies is to allow to collect attendance statistics. It is possible to choose not to install them since they are not mandatory to ensure proper functioning of the Website.

It is possible to choose not to install cookies as follows:

  • By refusing them on the banner reserved for this purpose.
  • By deleting them using the appropriate option on the browser.
    • Google Chrome: Tool menu / Parameters / Show advanced settings / Content Parameters / Authorise storing of local data.
    • Internet Explorer:
    • Mozilla Firefox:
    • Safari:

Technical cookies are the only cookies that cannot be refused since they are necessary to ensure proper functioning of the Website.

The Client may accept some cookies and refuse others, he/she may accept all of them, or refuse all of them, provided that it may disturb the functioning of the Website if functional cookies are involved.

These cookies are installed for a maximum of thirteen (13) months.


The collected Personal Data are stored in the European Union, by a provider who applies industry standards regarding computer security.

The only Data that might be provided outside the European Union is contact information necessary to the registration of Domain Names, when the naming authorities related to the chosen Domain Names are located outside the European Union. The Client shall be notified at the moment of the Order or on the Website.


Personal Data shall not be transferred to a third party without the prior agreement of the Client. may transfer the Personal Data under the following conditions:

  • If is bought by a third party, then the Personal Data will be sent to the buyer, who will substitute in the implementation of this Privacy Policy.
  • If is required to provide the Personal Data in response to a legal obligation. may call on the following providers, who may access the Personal Data, which the Client acknowledges:

  • Payment service providers: CentralPay
    • will provide CentralPay with the payment information of the Client to process the payments.
  • Naming authorities: depends on the chosen Domain Name.
    • The naming authority may be provided with the contact information of the Client for the registration of a Domain Name.

These providers undertook, towards, to comply with their legal and regulatory obligations regarding personal data.

The Personal Data may also be provided to any administrative authority requesting it, or under the law or upon a court decision.


Dedimax.Com shall make sure that the Personal Data are stored in conditions which respect industry standards. especially undertakes to comply with the applicable regulation on Personal Data security and shall not exclude its liability as such.

The Website is secured by a SSL.

The communications of the Website are encrypted. shall make sure that its employees and providers in charge with the processing of Personal Data are under an appropriate non-disclosure obligation.

In case of breach of Personal Data, shall notify the Client without undue delay. shall store the Personal Data throughout the validity period of the Account.

If the Account stays inactive for more than two (2) years (last login date), or if the Account is deleted by the Client, the Personal Data shall be automatically deleted.

In that case, shall delete all Personal Data, except those which are strictly necessary to the maintenance of commercial accounting and to comply with its legal obligations.


In accordance with the law on Information Technology, Data Files and Civil Liberties and with the GDPR, any concerned person has the following rights regarding Personal Data provided to

  • Right of access,
  • Right to rectification and to modification,
  • Right to limit the processing,
  • Right to object,
  • Right to portability.

It is possible to exercise these rights by contacting at the following contact address: contact @ dedimax . com

In accordance with its legal obligations, shall execute in a maximum of one (1) month after receiving the request.


In the context of the Services, provides hosting services of Data of the Client.

Therefore, is the sub-contractor of the Client, acting as controller, regarding all Data published by the Client. shall only process the Data for the sole purpose(s) that is the reason of the Service. ensures the privacy of the Data.

Data shall be stored for the duration of the Service. shall make sure that the persons authorised to process the Personal Data:

  • Undertake to respect privacy or are under an appropriate legal obligation of privacy.
  • Receive the necessary training regarding the protection of Personal Data. takes into account, in terms of its tools, products, applications or services, the principles protecting the data from the creation and protecting the data by default.

Insofar as possible, shall help the Client to fulfil his/her obligation to answer the requests to exercise the rights of the concerned persons: right of access, right to rectification, right to erasure and to object, right to limit the processing, right to data portability, right not to be subject to an automated individual decision (including profiling).

When the concerned persons request to to exercise their rights, shall address these requests upon receipt by email using the email address provided by the Client. shall inform the Client of any breach of the personal data within a maximum of forty (48) hours after hearing about the breach and by electronic (phone, email, etc.) or postal means. This notification shall be paired with any useful documentation in order to allow the Client, when necessary, to inform the competent control authority about this infringement.

The notification shall contain at least:

  • The description of the nature of the personal data breach including where possible, the categories and the approximate number of persons concerned by the breach and the categories and the approximate number of personal data records concerned;
  • The name and contact details of the Data Protection Officer or any other contact point where additional information can be obtained;
  • The description of the likely consequences of the personal data breach;
  • The description of the measures taken or proposed to be taken to address the personal data breach, including, where appropriate, measures to mitigate its possible adverse effects.

Where, and in so far as it is not possible to provide the information at the same time, the information may be provided in phases without undue delay.

The Client will have to inform the control authority and the concerned persons. undertakes to implement the relevant safety measures, especially (where applicable):

  • Pseudonymisation and coding of these personal data;
  • Means to ensure the continual privacy, integrity, availability and resilience of the processing systems and services;
  • Means allowing to restore availability of the personal data and access to this data within the appropriate period of time in case of physical or technical incident;
  • A procedure aiming to regularly test, analyse and assess the efficiency of the technical and organisational measures implemented to ensure the safety of processing. provides the Client with the documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance with all of its obligations.

The Client also undertakes to comply with the applicable regulation on Personal Data.

The Client assures he/she received all of the necessary consents for the publication of any Data including a personal data, and limits the use to the purposes he/she received an authorisation for. The Client will pay for all damages may be sentenced to for this reason, as well as for all of its expenses of any kind. shall be free to suspend or terminate the Services of the Client in the event he/she did not comply with the regulation when using the Services, without any compensation or refund, on the basis the Client's breach of contract.


French law applies to this Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy is written in French, and the French version will prevail over any translation in another language.

The Client may submit to the CNIL any dispute related to the performance or interpretation of the Privacy Policy, which is not resolved on an amicable basis between the Parties.

The dispute may also be brought before a competent court within the jurisdiction of the Havre Court of Appeal, including for emergency proceedings, introduction of third parties or multiple defendants, regardless of the Client's country.